Candlelight tours at Old Ordinary in November

For years to come, the winter of 2015 will be seared in the collective memory of Hingham residents. The seemingly endless weeks of snow and cold made daily living a Herculean task. We faced long commutes, snow days and leaky roofs. Now imagine if, like early Hingham residents, you faced winter with a house heated only by firewood and candles as your only source of light during long winter evenings
As we prepare to face yet another winter, are you interested in exploring the pleasures and perils of a New England winter in the colonial days? Come join the Hingham Historical Society for Candlelight Tours at the Old Ordinary, the Society’s house museum located on Lincoln Street, just steps away from downtown Hingham. Tours are held Friday and Saturday evenings during first three weekends in November (6th & 7th //13th & 14th //20th & 21st) at either 6:30 or 7:30 pm. Both kids and adults will delight in the exploring Old Ordinary by candlelight (well, for safety sake, actually fake candles) and learning how early Hingham settlers braved the winters. After the tour, head to the Annex, which is located behind Old Ordinary, to enjoy a demonstration of old-time crafts, such as bucket making, decoy carving, quilting, wool spinning, paper piercing and basket making. Colonial era refreshments, including hasty fritters, vermicelli pudding, blackberry shrub, hot cider and hot chocolate will be served.
During the tour, you will learn what it was like living through a Colonial era winter. Here’s a hint: it was cold! Early Colonial homes were heated solely by fireplaces and settlers had to chop all the wood needed to heat their homes through the long winter. In the early 17th century, Judge Seward, of Salem witch trial fame, kept a diary that gives us a clue to the bone chilling cold that was part of everyday life in colonial times. In his diary, he noted that, despite sitting next to fireplace, the ink in his inkwell froze. In fact, historians estimate that once settlers moved three feet beyond the fireplace, the room temperature plunged to 40°. And, just as we throw on an extra sweater to ward off the chill on our homes, colonial settlers also bundled up during the winter months to help fight the chill. The Society’s collection includes several beautiful quilted petticoats that a woman would wear under her dress to ward off the cold.
Intrigued? Join the Hingham Historical Society for Candlelight Tours at the Old Ordinary. Tickets are $14 for members (member kids/grandkids come for free) and, for non-members, tickets are $16 for adults and $7 for kids under 13. Call 781-749-7721 for reservations.
Make a night of it! Join the Hingham Historical Society for this fascinating tour and then wander downtown for dinner. A perfect way to spend a chilly Fall evening!image003

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