Bridgewater’s Linhares appointed Cohasset Treasurer/Collector

Paula M. Linhares of Bridgewater was appointed Cohasset Treasurer/Collector on a 2-2 no action vote, meaning the Acting Town Manager’s appointment was not rejected. Selectmen Martha Gjesteby and Karen Quigley voted no.

Quigley said she did not think the acting town manager should be appointing department heads and her no vote was no reflection on the individual. Gjesteby echoed Quigley’s statement, saying the new town manager should hire his own team.

Select Chair Fred Koed and Vice Chair Diane Kenney voted in favor of Linhares. But Koed warned: “If we were voting on process, I would vote no. Selectmen should not be notified of appointments by email. He said the board didn’t get the full 15-day period to ask question. “In the future we should be notified in writing at a selectmen’s meeting that the 15-day period has started.” Selectmen have the right to reject the acting town manager’s appointment within 15 days.

Linhares is currently the elected Treasurer /Collector in Bridgewater. She will start Sept. 4th. And work under Cohasset Town Accountant Mary Gallagher. Linahres was the unanimous choice of Mary Gallagher and now former Treasurer/Collector Jane Lepardo.

Jack Keniley, chairman of capital budget and Peter Pescatore, advisory chair, were also involved in the interview process.

Milanoski said Linhares bring both public and private sector experience to the position. She is a graduate of Bentley College, with an MA and and M.B.A. in CIS. Mialnoski said Linahares recently took the treasurer’s exam at UMASS Amherst  and to his knowledge she passed.

After Quigley voted to reject Linhare’s appointment, Keniley accused her of “making another bad political decision to forward her own agenda.”

Koed said Karen’s made a policy decision to wait, “And she’s entitled to make that decision.”

And then Milanoski piled on. “You said you want a want new town manager – are you suggesting that I won’t be a candidate?  Quigley said she used the word “permanent.” At which point Koed called Milanoski out of order.

“I fully intend to apply for the position,” Milanoski threatened.

We have entrusted hiring decisions to the acting town manager, Selectman Diane Kennedy said. “We have got to do this. We cannot go backwards. It’s hard to attract a treasurer, there’s not a huge well of people. It’s our duty to keep the town moving forward, it’s not worth waiting four more months for what would likely be a similar hire.”

Selectman Martha Gjesteby noted that Linhares didn’t have any recommendations from town officials.

Milanoski, in response to Koed, said he had planned to announce Linhare’s appointment at an earlier meeting but that meeting had been cancelled.

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