Bonetti says no to paying Selectmen’s bill

The Cohasset Preservation Committee (CPC) chair told selectmen he refuses to pay a bill assigned to him by the Acting town Manager for approximately 4.7 hours of Selectman Steve Gaumer’s “research” time with town counsel regarding the Fox Run issue.

 CPC chair Russ Bonetti said Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski told Bonetti because the issue was “CPC related,” it should come out of CPC funds. Bonetti further complained that he was not invited the meeting where the Fox Run issue was discussed and was not aware that there was even an issue. 

A little history

 April 2013 annual town meeting voted to give  $100,000 to the Cohasset Conservation Trust to assist in the purchase of 34 acres of land located off Forest Avenue behind a cul de sac called Fox Run.

Last July it was thought that families living adjacent to the White property off Forest Avenue, namely in an area called Fox Run, were planning to ask Fall Town Meeting to reverse its vote giving $100,000 from the Cohasset Preservation Committee to the Cohasset Conservation Trust ––a private nonprofit group, that seeks to purchase the 34 acres, providing public access and walking trails.

However, town counsel ruled that Fox Run residents would have no clout with a petition article to Fall Town Meeting.  Only The Cohasset Preservation Committee, chaired by former selectman candidate Russ Bonetti, can ask town meeting to redirect the funds back to the town., and it is doubtful his committee is interested in doing the same.

At last night’s selectmen’s meeting the board appeared to side with Bonetti.

Select chair Fred Koed asked Milanoski: “Why is this not being billed to selectmen?”

Selectman Diane Kennedy said the issue should be discussed at the board’s goals and objectives discussion next week. It should “probably be cued up for another meeting. We need to have a policy in place.” She said she needed to know what is covered by the legal retainer and what is not.

Koed said he would put it on a future agenda, as it did not appear on the present agenda it could not be dealt with.”

“It should be paid by board of selectmen,” Selectman Martha Gjesteby said.

Selectman Karen Quigley agreed with Gjesteby. “If the board creates an issue should be charged to them (selectmen).”

“CPC should have control over their dime,” Koed said.

Citizen Agnes McCann suggested the bill probably belonged to the board of selectmen. She added that she hoped our town counsel would not get hung up on this issue and end up not getting paid.

 Look for this to appear on a future agenda.  


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