Bob Thomas – Weymouth’s Public Defender

Bob Thomas’ blog on the Patriot Ledger site is probably one of the most exciting blogs that newspaper hosts. And this week’s blog was no exception.

Thomas, who is running for Mayor of Weymouth this year, has been accused of raising havoc in an election season, which is really not true, as Thomas raises havoc all the time.

What is happening here, in an election year, is that former Weymouth Mayor David Madden is appealing his retirement benefits, for what is perhaps the third time since he retired almost four years ago. Thomas says “There is over $1.6 million at stake in the case; plus damages, perhaps. My bet is that it will be very costly for Madden when it is over.”

Now, you may or may not remember Gazette writer Anne Hilbert writing exhaustively about the “Fire Chief Mayor,” which was Mayor Madden. Madden had planned to hold on to that seat however he could,  for retirement purposes.

If Madden had retired as Fire Chief he would receive $79,821.32 annually. Currently, he is receiving $46, 263.24 annually (a Group 1, Option C classification). “The difference,” Thomas points out, “is $33,558 per year, about $1 million over the years if he lives to be 84. And this doesn’t include COLA increases or about $20 thousand a year in health care benefits – another $600,000” for the citizens of Weymouth to cough up.

But Madden messed up. When he left his position to become Mayor he appointed Robert J. Leary to the permanent position of Fire Chief. Not provisional chief.  When Madden returned to his job as Fire Chief at the end of his term as mayor, Leary accepted a voluntary demotion from Fire Chief to Deputy Fire Chief.

The screw –up was this. Madden never served one minute as Fire Chief when he returned, nor did he intend to serve in the position. He was immediately put on an unpaid leave of absence by Mayor Sue Kay and then retired immediately.

Interestingly, the Magistrate Sarah H. Luick, Esq. stated that Mayor Susan Kay participated, along with Madden, to obtain the highest benefit possible. The magistrate said her participation showed a joint enterprise on the part of them both to secure the higher benefit.

Thomas has filed a pro se amicus curiae brief with the Attorney General’s office when he found that Madden was attempting once again to appeal his retirement and manipulate the system.  Thomas says the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC) is required to report fraud to the Attorney General’s office and he’s going to make sure Mayor Sue Kay’s work on Madden’s behalf comes to the forefront “because information important to the case was never considered.”

Link to Thomas’ blog, below:

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