Bill Burnett drops out of Cohasset selectmen’s race

Cohasset selectman candidate Bill Burnett has dropped out of the Cohasset selectmen’s race scheudled for May 11,  according to the Cohasset Town Clerk.

This leaves four candidates vying for two seats on the board: Selectman Leland Jenkins, Capital Budget chair, Steve Gaumer, former selectman Karen Quigley and Cohasset Preservation commission chair Russ Bonetti.

Cohasset Community Television has already done personal interviews with all of the candidates. Below is the upcoming schedule for broadcasting those interviews.  It is unknown if Burnett’s interview will be played, now that he has dropped out of the race. Candidate Russ Bonetti has not yet been interviewed. As soon as he has been interviewed we will add his name to the schedule.

Channel 9 Comcast     •   Verizon Channel 37

 Friday – April 12, 2013 

1 pm — Board of Selectmen – Replay from 4-2
6  pm – Our Town – Steve Gaumer
7  pm – Our Town – Leland Jenkins
8 pm – Our Town – Bill Burnett
11  pm – Our Town – Jeanne Astino & Mary Goldrick


Saturday – April 13, 2013

7:30 am — BOS Meeting – Replay from 4-9
11:00 am – BOS Meeting (Continued)
12 noon — Our Town – Mary McGoldrick & Jeanne Astino  ·running for uncontested seats on the Cohasset School Committee
1 pm – Our Town – Mike Milanoski
10 pm — Beer Styles – Can be seen on Verizon Ch. 35 only

Sunday – April 14, 2013 

Sunday, April 14th

4 pm — Our Town – Mary McGoldrick & Jeanne Astino
6 pm – Our Town – Bill Burnett
6:30 pm – Our Town – Steve Gaumer
7:30 pm — Our Town – Leland Jenkins

Monday – April 15, 2013 

8 am – Our  Town – Steve Gaumer
9 am – Our Town – Leland Jenkins
10am – Our Town – Bill Burnett
11 am – Our Town – Karen Quigley
5 pm — Our Town – Mike Milanoski

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  2 comments for “Bill Burnett drops out of Cohasset selectmen’s race

  1. Mike Coughlin
    April 11, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    With Bill Burnett’s decision to remove his name from the race, Cohasset voters will decide on May 11th between former Selectman Karen Quigley and Community Preservation Chairman Russ Bonetti on one side and Lee Jenkins and Steve Gaumer on the other.

    I recently viewed Lee Jenkins campaign page on Facebook which describes him as the “Selectman Who Takes A Stand”. In a sense, it should be perhaps more appropriately titled, “Lee Jenkins the Selectman Who Will Take The Stand”.

    Over a month ago, my attorney requested that the town produce certain readily accessible information from a variety of town officials including documents and e-mails from Mr. Jenkins and executive sessions minutes of meetings in which Mr. Jenkins participated. The town was given 30 days to respond and as of this writing my attorney has received nothing.

    This should not be surprising to Tinytown Unleashed and the Cohasset Mariner. It is routine for the Acting Town Manager and certain selectmen to stonewall such requests or in the alternative issue costly bills for such information but since these requests were made as part of my lawsuit, all my attorney has to and will do is file for a public hearing and the have a judge order the production of these documents from the town, other officials and Mr. Jenkins.

    In the near future, the town might find itself answering in an open courtroom why the documents have not been produced. Good luck. Mr. Jenkins, who is known to boast that “I don’t care about the law” may find out that Judges take a dim view of such arrogance. Hopefully the voters in Cohasset on May 11 will feel the same.

    Fellow candidate Steve Gaumer may also be joining Mr. Jenkins. Given his chairmanship of the Capital Budget Committee, a body which Peter DiCaprio a named defendant in my lawsuit is a member, my attorney Harold Lichten has also requested e-mails and documents from Mr. Gaumer. Once again, no documents received from Steve but in fairness none from George Chamaliard, Ralph Dormitzer, Mike Milanoski or Ted Carr. Aside from the fact that birds of a feather fly together, it sort of undercuts any claim that there is presently open and transparent– let alone ethical government in Cohasset.

    But my case may not be the only legal proceeding which may impact Mr. Jenkins or Mr. Gaumer. On his Facebook Page Mr. Jenkins also boasts that he helped hire “an experienced civil engineer”- a veiled reference of his role in the unlawful dismissal of Operations Director Mark Brennan and his assistant Tom Gruber. Don’t be surprised if Mr. Jenkins is called to take the “stand” in his case which is pending before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

    On several occasions, Lee Jenkins told me that civil engineers are more qualified than a mechanical engineer because they know about new and modern approaches to public services. I know that Mr. Jenkins “Doesn’t care about the law” but he may find that his actions and comments represent a legal landmine which he and the town may have stepped on in Brennan’s age discrimination case.

    Once again, fellow candidate Steve Gaumer may find himself tangled into this case as well. Steve Gaumer as Chair of the Capital Budget Committee routinely treated department heads, employees and elected officials such as Sewer Commissioners in a very degrading fashion. In his role in monitoring town projects, I was present when Mark Brennan was not treated with the respect which any human being let alone a top town department should be entitled to.

    A firm believer in exploring privatization options for the delivery of public services including public safety, Steve Gaumer reasoned that our public safety chiefs in trying to provide for the safety of the citizens of this community were advocating “mission creep”, argued against the septic replacement program on town meeting floor and even recommended to fund tennis repairs instead of a badly needed thermal imaging camera for the fire department. Like I said– birds of a feather fly together…

    Mr. Jenkins may also have to take the “stand” at potential labor hearings. His recent outburst at a Selectmen’s meeting where he publicly warned employees with the intimidating statement that “We run the town” is not the way to minimize grievances. Quite the contrary such a comment will likely only trigger further costly legal proceedings and does nothing to improve the teamwork between employees and management which is necessary to move the town forward.

    Such arrogance is yet another example of why Lee Jenkins is really “The Selectmen Who Will Take The Stand” and one who will hopefully learn on May 11th that it is not him but the citizens who run the town.

    Finally, it is truly amazing is that Ted Carr has agreed to co chair Mr. Jenkins campaign committee. Ted was a top aide of President Clinton, Andrew Cuomo and Governor Deval Patrick. Now he is supporting a well recognized member of the opposite party, arguable one who is anti union/anti employee and self admittedly one who “doesn’t care about the law. Aside from the fact that Ted will have to explain his defection to the Democratic town committee, Democratic State Committee and most likely to the next democratic administration that he seeks a job from, it may explain why my attorney has also not received any requested e-mails and documents from Mr. Carr.

    During my short time as Town Manager, via e-mail, I brought several of the concerns I had about the ethical behavior of various officials to his attention. If these e-mails were made public they may be damaging to some officials, some campaigns and may explain why Ted Carr will probably join both Lee ” I don’t care about the Law” Jenkins and Steve “Mission Creep” Gaumer on the “stand”.

  2. Tom Callahan
    April 11, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    Interesting. The cynic would suggest that this was a decision of numbers – to not split the pro-Milanoski vote three ways. That might not be the reason, but it is certainly the effect.

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