Bad Behavior Transcends Party Affiliation and Cat Dam

In My Opinion

by Karen Quigley

The Cohasset Grapevine reports that the Democratic Town Committee and many Ds in general are trying to come to grips with last week’s action of their State Committeeman and our Selectman, Fred Koed. Good for them.

I’m sad to report that while individual Rs share the Ds concern, the Republican Town Committee isn’t abuzz with concern over the actions of ours: Leland Jenkins and Paul Carlson. Shame on us.

That the Ds are, in part, upset that 3 of theirs (Debbie Cook, Sarah Charron, Dick Karoff) were replaced with 3 of ours (Jim Marten, Alex Koines, James Gilman), misses the point altogether.

It’s not about party affiliation. The latter were appointed because of their allegiance to the Environmental 20 not because of their politics.

It is about our highest elected officials giving unwarranted privilege to a small group to the detriment of the general community.

It is about our highest elected officials subverting the process, prejudicing an appointed commission, treating qualified town volunteers with disdain and, in my opinion, acting unethically.

This is what happens when town officials disregard process, procedure and precedent. This is what happens when they vote based on personal relationships and politics.

There is no place for petty partisan politics in town government. Whatever letter is beside your name, D, R, U or other, you should be outraged.

I know it’s difficult to go on record: these three selectmen have shown that if you disagree with them they will take action against you. They’re bullies.

We’re asking our children and teachers to stand up to bullies. Shouldn’t we be held to that same standard?

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