Atty Howard Friedman to represent Michael X. Wynn in suit against the Town of Cohasset

Howard Friedman, Boston Civil Rights and Police Misconduct Super Lawyer, will represent Michael X. Wynn of Attleboro in a suit against the Town of Cohasset that has not yet been filed.

A call to Friedman’s office asking about the direction the case might take was not returned.

According to Friedman’s website: Attorney Howard Friedman has been representing plaintiffs in civil rights litigation for over thirty years. Howard is committed to enforcing the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution by bringing cases on behalf of people who were injured as a result of illegal conduct by police officers. He has managed complex class actions on behalf of thousands of class members. Howard’s practice works to compensate people who have been injured and to change the policies or practices that caused the injury.

Wynn was arrested by Cohasset PD for having allegedly trying to lure a young girl to his car on March 26.

Upon Wynn’s arrest, Cohasset’s Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley posted the man’s photo, name and all particulars all over the Police Facebook page and Website. Cohasset PD also issued a press release. The Cohasset Mariner lauded Cohasset PD for its superb investigation.

And then things began to fall apart.

Norfolk County prosecutors dropped all charges against Michael X. Wynn of Attleboro because there were conflicts in the identification of the clothing, the car, and time Wynn was supposed to have been in Cohasset. Also, prosecutors said Wynn was arrested on the wrong charge.

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