Articles for Cohasset’s Nov. 23 Special Town Meeting, Sat., Nov. 23 at 9

It will be a shorty.

We’re meeting at 9 a.m. this Saturday at Sullivan Gym, Cohasset High School. No pizza this time, no games for children, no babysitting.

But heres a little treat. Directly before the business of the meeting (at 8:30 a.m.) Selectmen will vote on finalists for the position of Permanent Town Manager.

Here’s the warrant:

Article 1

 Special town meeting was called for a by citizens petition, and this is the article that did it. Advisors met Thursday night and voted to recommend Article 1 after studying a spreadsheet on interest rates created by Tanya Bodell. Bodell said her figures showed $57,000 in interest would be lost over 6 months. The acting town manager said it would be closer to $70,000.  Special town meeting is being asked to transfer $1.8 million to various accounts. Approximately $1.3 million of that amount is free cash.

Advisory chair Peter Pescatore is against this article but joined his committee in making the vote unanimous.

Recommended by Advisory

Article 2

 Water Commission retained earnings transfer. $45,000 for personnel, $50,000 for engineering costs. 

Selectmen and Water commissioners in favor

 Article 3

 Sewer Commission retained earnings transfer: $51,000 to the debt stabilization fund.

 Article 4

 Acceptance of M.G.L. c39, Section 23D – adoption of state law. Close court cases (not necessarily Cohasset)  have been lost because permitting board members (i.e., Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Health, Sewer, Water) have missed multiple meetings and then they are up to date on the hearing matter, but they arent.

 According to Woody Chittick, chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals, who addressed the advisory committee on this article recently, the ONE SESSION EXCEPTION allows permitting board members to miss one meeting, acquaint themselves with plans, bring themselves up to date. Note that a hearing can have many sessions, so the permitting board member is not really missing a hearing; she or he is missing a session. If the person misses a second session, the only option at that point is to go to court and plead before a judge that youre up to speed.

 Paula Linhares, Cohasset Treasurer/Collector is presenting articles 5, 6, 7 articles in order to bring the Treasurers office into the modern age.

Article 5

 Adoption of bylaw to implement acceptance of MG.L. c40, Section 57. This bylaw was accepted in theory by town in 2004. But a bylaw was never created to enforce it, and so it was never accepted by the Attorney General. The Treasurer cant withhold license without this bylaw.  But people can still get married, get a dog license and get fire permits.

Article 6

 Acceptance of M.G.L. C41.Section 41B authorizes the treasurer to  pay salaries by deposit. May have been voted and not documented. Town has been paying by direct deposit for some time.

Article 7

Allows town to find people old the abandoned funds list. If person not found, the money goes back to the town.  Old, closed of accounts reach back 10 years, 10s of thousands of dollars out there. The Treasurer/Collector keeps monthly outstanding balance. 

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