Petitioners for a Cohasset special town meeting are out there – but did they get the 200 signatures?

Highly Speculative Opinion – by Tanna Kasperowicz

A petition for a Cohasset Special Town Meeting was being passed around at the soccer jamboree last weekend at Cohasset High School and Deer Hill.

If petitioners were successful in gathering 200 signatures to call a special, selectmen could be in receipt of the petition tonight (Oct. 22). The public part of the selectmen’s meeting begins at 8 p.m.  As of 1:43 p.m. the selectmen’s office had not received a petition, leaving us to speculate that petitioners might be planning to introduce the petition during public comment (9:30 p.m.tonight). Or, petitioners never got the signatures.

It should be noted that Town Hall never received the last bunch of 650 signatures from the group calling itself Good Governance who were petiitoning selectmen to hire acting police chief Bill Quigley as permanent chief. They said they had the signatures and would turn them in the next day.  Never happened.  They got lots of headlines for their drive – the petitions just never materialized.

It is thought by many that any special meeting held in December would be a fraud special town meeting called to waterboard the selectmen and give ActUp* another opportunity to pat himself onpat on back the back for the great job he has done. It should be noted that Selectmen Diane Kennedy and Steve Gaumer are part and parcel of ActUp’s strategy, imagining, perhaps, that this kind of behavior will propel Kennedy back into her seat the April 2013 elections. Unless of course her Good Governance friends reduce the board of selectmen from 5 to 3 in time for annual elections. Then she and her seat would just be gone, and she could write full time for the Mariner.

Perhaps there will be a high school petition for ActUp*, requesting that special town meeting direct the selectmen to hire ActUp*, even if selectmen have offered the job to another party who might be present at the meeting to be introduced to voters. That could be so deliciously embarrassing for the town and the permanent town manager. I can envision Good Governance getting a belly laugh out of that.

Perhaps there will be a citizens’ Recall petition on the special; but even if voted, it is thought that a recall election could not be executed until after the 2015 elections.

Citizens have been calling this Blog-paper regarding ActUp’s* claim that that if the town does not hold the special, the town could lose as much as $76,000 in interest and further, would be in direct violation to Cohassets Financial Management Policies.

Bull poop.

You can stop jumping out the window, now.

The alarm being pulled by ActUp* is fake.

*acting town manager Mike Milanoski

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