Another Library Book Card Scam

Sam's library

by Pete Kasperowicz

This week, Georgia, our 13-year old, felt like reading some of the books she read when she was a little younger.

So she wandered into Sam’s room. Sam, who’s just 10, made a fake library card for Georgia that she could use to borrow books from him.

When Georgia walked in looking for books, Sam demanded to see her card, which has a 17-digit number on it for some reason… as if there are billions of people who are members of Sam’s “library.”

But Georgia couldn’t find her card.

Sam, doing his best impression of a bureaucratic adult, insisted that he would need about a week to process a new card for her. A big fight ensued. Thankfully, neither of their parents are lawyers, so neither of the kids could start going through the motions of a lawsuit.

Georgia then tried to make her own card, but Sam dismissed it as fraud.

The fight only ended when one of their responsible parents pointed out that it was bed time. Acting as an arbiter, the parent awarded Georgia a book, and told Sam he could make a new card for Georgia and charge her a nickel for the replacement.

Another case closed…

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