Anonymous comments barred from this site

In the last 24 hours we have had a barrage of would-be commentators attempting to bridge our cyber-fence to no avail. Many of them are tinytown officials. You know them as: cohasset-townie at (so cute), stumpythelobster at and a few others. They are confused when they register and discover their passwords no longer work and all they can now do is read our site, not contribute. So sad. Actually, not really so sad. People who hide behind monikers have nothing much to say. They’re just hecklers.

There are times of course when professionals who are providing information to us must remain anonymous: our Water Expert, for starters. We know who he is. He’s in the business of ascertaining RFPs for large corporations and state and foreign governments. When we asked him to comment on the Cohasset Water RFP he said he could not do so under his own name because it would reflect upon his company. Plus, people pay him to do this stuff.

Many people in our community who provide facts and figures to newspapers do so as long as they won’t be identified.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from readers who have enjoyed reading the Water Expert’s perspective on the same.

We hope selectman chairman Ted Carr is happy with the giant steps we have taken to control anonymous comments.  Gate House could do it too – they’re just torn with wanting to create thousands of  hits on their website, even though those hits are created by a bunch of crazies throwing barbs at each other and us.

And do you know what?

After awhile the barbies (anonymous commentators) all start sounding alike. Does cohasset-townie ever really say anything new? I’m not sure what stumpy was trying to say, but who cares?


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