And this is the reaction to Senior’s Police Chief recommendation

Mariner Columnist John McSheffrey sent this email to unnamed recipients this afternoon. I’m printing it here because people need to know that Town Manager Chris Senior needs your help. McSheffrey and group are not only attacking Senior’s choice for police chief, they are attacking Senior himself.

Believe me when I tell you the sun will come out tomorrow if Quigley doesn’t get to be chief.

Our Board of Selectmen does need to hear from you. If they shoot down Senior’s top guy, they are not necessarily going to get Quigley. And we may lose a fine town manager, a hero, in the process. Don’t let that happen, citizens of Cohasset. And while you’re at it – send John McSheffrey a piece of your mind. Tell him to stop playing politics with your Town and your Town Manager.

Read Below and Weep:

From: John McSheffrey <>
Subject: a quick email to support Quigley and the CPD

Good Afternoon all,

I hope this email finds you well and that you’re enjoying the spring weather. As you may know from previous emails or perhaps my articles in the paper, I am proud to say that I am part of the majority of people in our town who support Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley and the team of officers in the Cohasset Police Department and I am asking that you consider joining in.

A simple request for 3-4 minutes to drop Cohasset Selectmen Steve Gaumer, Diane Kennedy, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Schubert a note to say that you’d like to see them support police chief Quigley and the CPD. Steve Gaumer, the Chairman has stated that he very rarely get emails him about issues, so your email will make a difference.

Last night Town Manager Chris Senior did not support Chief Quigley and recommended a person from Weymouth for the role of Police Chief. Without getting into the minutia, Chris Senior’s lack of support for the CPD has rocked a department that has done an outstanding job for the past 3 years. Mr. Senior’s divisive action is baffling on so many levels.

The Board has the obligation to do what is best for the community and can reject the recommendation. If there was any doubt on the impact Mr. Senior is having on our PD, look no further than a comment one of the officers made (it was not on a public comment so I am withholding his name) “Hard work, motivation, integrity, the bedrock for this profession just got kicked in the (groin). Not a good message for those aspiring to climb the career ladder….”

· Please send Selectmen Gaumer, Kennedy, McCarthy and Schubert a joint email sharing that as a citizen, tax payer and a voter that you would like them to support Chief Quigley and his department. Simply cut and paste these addresses and send a 2-3 sentence email. , , ,

· Take the extra step and share this with your Cohasset friends and ask for their help too.

Bottom line — without public support, Cohasset may very well lose the Police Chief and a minimum of 2-3 officers. It doesn’t need to happen.

Thank you for your consideration.

Warm regards,

John McSheffrey
(Mariner Columnist)

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