America is falling in love … with Newt

by Rod Young

Must be love, for it’s certainly not politics as usual, nursed by ‘mother’s milk ….’

It’s non generic Newt – older, wiser, and perhaps even quicker. Better than a laugh a minute.
Each of nearly 20 presidential debates has proven entertaining to record setting audiences, entirely because of the rhetorical brilliance of the former Speaker. Viewers only have been impatient that debate moderators put their questions to him rather than to Governor Rick Perry, former governor John Huntsman, Rep. Michele Bachman, or businessman Herman Cain, all now 2012 also-rans.
Romney’s fans appear inveterate Obama detractors, persuaded that only a liberal former Massachusetts governor will attract enough independents in the general election to defeat the President.
Septuagenarian Ron Paul delivers a populist libertarian philosophy – and stand-up often on a par with Gingrich – but along with quixotic gibberish about isolationism.
Few laugh lines attend ‘solid family man’ Rick Santorum’s sermons. Incredibly he preaches that he occupies the tepid middle – “just right” – between Mitt’s cold and Newt’s hot.
In a war of words, never would the poetic Speaker allude to temperature of porridge.
Following his blowout victory Saturday evening, Gingrich pooh-poohed left-handed compliments. Gingrich credited his prowess on the stump to staunch and uncompromising – and therefore eloquent – support of the beliefs and ideals of true Americans.
Can Newt’s 41% to Romney’s 28% and Santorum’s 13% in the South Carolina primary be a fluke? Pundits credit the SC contest as the infallible predictor of the Republican nominee for the past three decades.
Since punditry has proven remarkably off the mark regarding Gingrich’s prospects over three months, there must be new (old?) political maltose a flowin,’ other than $$Mom’s this go-around. It seems Obama might be as vulnerable to a clever laugh line by Newt – ridiculing presidential ‘unsuccesses’ – as to the predictable condemnations of businessman Romney or Cain.
Gingrich might well be up to the grandiloquence, the soaring rhetoric – or “grandiosity,” as Santorum opined – of a Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, or JFK, the most eloquent of all U.S. presidents to date. Strangely the lot of these (not excluding Lincoln) were abashed womanizers – glib then not for nothing. The Speaker appears akin.
Political themes stated ad nauseam become insufferable. John Edward’s “Two America’s” comes to mind. Gingrich is spontaneous – never telepromptered – and therefore perceived by a swelling constituency as authentic. His warts are becoming beauty marks.
A pedagogue who inspires is more a treat to the liberal establishment overall – that is, to costly Great Society fiefdoms – as to a sitting Democrat president. There can be little doubt from here on that the Democrat focus on Romney as the probable Republican nominee is but a ploy to dispel the advent of a more concerning philosopher phenom (king?).
Given that Gingrich prevailed among voters in all South Carolinian demographics – even moderates – his momentum can only intensify in Florida and beyond.

No advisor need instruct this man,
‘Be yourself.’

© Copyright 2012 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed

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  1. street guy
    January 23, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    great,newt will be the nominee,say good-by to any chance senator brown gets re-elected.if romney gets the nomination,at least the 90,000 plus republicans who sat on their brains in the last presidential election might be moved to take a ballot.senator brown is still the underdog but at least all the republicans in the state will have a reason to vote republican.

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