Am spending entirely too much time on Facebook…

Lots of interesting people in my group:

Author Ronald Wheatley from Scituate has just written a new book on local veterans called A TIME FOR WAR. It’s available at Buttonwood Books, Hellgate Press and Amazon.

My newest Facebook bud is Donald Trump. Sometimes he just sends pictures, but oftentimes he asks questions. His last question was “Do you think that increasing the power of the U.S.military is necessary?” I said maybe all he would have to do is let the military do its job. Another 1.5k people said various sundry things. Sometimes I wonder when Trump sleeps. He has a lot of energy and he says he enjoys campaigning. God bless this man. His fans are loving, but tough. They want him to tone down his wife a bit  – they want more Jacqueline Kennedy than Kim Kardashian. My husband says let Melania alone. He likes her just the way she is.

Is Jeb! really threatening to vote for Hillary Clinton if Trump is the Republican nominee? Will Jeb! take his 200 votes with him? I notice his ads have dropped the exclamation mark after Jeb after it was ridiculed by so many. Jeb’s a nice guy. So are all the Bushes. It’s just not Jeb’s year. Last summer Trump pulled the sword from the stone. He is the perceived leader of the pack. Cruz can be Trump’s second (vice president). But for the most part, voters are tired of 43-year-old wonders. They want a seasoned grandpa. Trump is difficult to deny. He’s succinct and the always leaves you with a smile.

One of my favorite postings on Facebook:


The above quote reminds me of what I remember being a Russian short story in which the patriarch of a family has died but keeps coming down for dinner. Because he is dead, parts of his body keep falling off and he is becoming disgusting. But the family loves him and doesn’t quite know how to tell him he is dead. Finally, someone tells him he is dead, and he is very embarrassed and he dies.

Paula Knowles from Largo, FL, formerly of Cohasset, Ma posted a photo of her most recent accident. It looks awful but nowhere near the color of my eggplant arm when several years ago I cracked the bone. Wish I had kept the photo. People from all over town visited me to see my eggplant arm.

At 2:55 AM Charles Krauthammer explains on Facebook how Jeb Bush has been destroyed by Donald Trump. I think Jeb! has just been out of circulation for too long – like nine years. He retired at a very young age – 50. That’s when postal workers can retire. You need a fire in your belly to take on a campaign for president of the US.

Of Jeb! Krauthammer said: I think that ship has sailed.

But all is not lost. I think President Trump and VP Cruiz will offer Jeb a cabinet position.

We should be able to work with Russia.

We’re more like Russians than we are like Kenyans.











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