All the big decisions will be made Tuesday night (Dec. 17) at the Cohasset Selectmen’s meeting.

All the big decisions will be made Tuesday night  (Dec. 17) at a Selectmen’s meeting.

At 7:05 Selectmen will set the dates for the Annual Town Meeting and Elections.

At 8:35 Selectmen will vote to either sunset the Governance Committee or give it life through annual town meeting.  It is allegedly working on changes in the bylaws to reflect the changes in the Amended town Manager’s Act, not yet voted by the legislature.

At 8:40 Selectmen are scheduled to choose a permanent town manager. Finalists are Grady Miller of Narragansett, R.I., Christopher Senior of New York, and Steve Hartford of Westerly, R.I. All three finalists have met with selectmen twice and town employees and department heads twice.

An executive session scheduled for 9:25 will involve a contact for the new Town Manager and also a Town Manager transition contract (Exemption 2) to conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations with non union personnel or to conduct collective bargaining sessions or contract negotiations with non union personnel.

We think we have a problem with that second contract, the so-called transition contract for the acting town manager.

As of last Friday afternoon it was widely known among many townspeople that the Acting Town Manager wants a consulting contract with the town, to act as a sort of guide for the permanent Town Manager. Quid pro quo is allegedly involved.


If the Board of Selectmen is considering giving the acting Town Manger a consulting contract, why was this not a public agenda item on the Dec. 16th ?

As of Dec. 31st the acting Town Manager’s contract and appointment ends. He will either be hired as a consultant or not, but in any case, he is not transitioning.

Further, does the new town manager want a consultant? We think the question of a transition helper can take place after the permanent Town Manager is seated.

In neither of the last two second-round of interviews was subject of a transitional advisor broached.

If the permanent Town Manager thinks a consultant 

is a good idea, he might want someone much more experienced than the acting Town Manager.



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