Advocates of ARAWH Post public information results

The March 6th public informational meeting hosted by the Advocates for Rockland Abington Weymouth Hingham (ARAWH) discussed the Navy proposed plan regarding the Solvent Release Area Operable Unit 14. The group encouraged the attending audience to go to for the purpose of viewing the pamphlet detail and making a comment in favor or not by March 23, 2013, and Email their comments to

The Navy is committed to keeping the communities informed of the environmental cleanup program at the former Naval Air Stattion South Weymouth. The Fire Fighting Training Area Explanation of Significant Differances and The Industrial Operations Area reports were reviewed and described as the first step of investigating contaminated sites.. It was suggested to the audience that the detail could be obtained by an online request to

Observation comments by an attendee of the three Southfield informational meetings hosted by Weymouth’s Mayor led to a lively discussion during which a challenge to participate in point counter point informational series between the Mayor and her expert panels with ARAWH members was offered.

Mayor Kay’s Informational Southfield History Meeting Editorializes Fact into Fiction

Appointed Expert Panel; State Representative, R. Mariano, Weymouth Town Councilor M. Smart, South Shore Tri Town Appointed Board Member, J. Wall, Weymouth Town Planner, J. Clark

Advertised as an informational meeting to dispel misinformation, Mayor Kay stated, “We are not here to offer opinion or to debate the merits of the project” became what it was not supposed to be.  Here are a few examples;

Representative Mariano stated; “We” thought that giving the land to the towns it was taken from would not maximize the financial benefit potential led to a Tri Town approach.  The South Shore Tri Town Development Corp. is over $100M in debt today with no end in sight.

The shame of the evening was State Representative Mariano’s rant that the Navy was a “difficult partner”. Councilor Smart added to the shame for agreeing with the portrayal as did a Mayor who broke her “We are not here to offer opinion” pledge for allowing an inaccurate opinion to go on uninterrupted. The Navy advised LNR that residential housing was a “hard sell” to execute an Economic Development Conveyance.  It was LNR who changed their plan without advising the Navy of the change.

Weymouth Town Planner Clarke stated that the towns of Abington, Rockland, Weymouth and Hingham held collaborative meetings well before the Base was closed.  Can we see documents to validate the collaborative meetings where and when they were held and the options discussed?  Dated meeting minutes are acceptable.


The Enabling Legislation of 1998 was voted on by the host communities, it contained the definition of SSTTDC as the local redevelopment authority, advocate of the host communities and exclusive communicator to the Navy. 

There was no mention of SSTTDC announcing its partnership with LNR in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to the Ma. Secretary of Environmental Affairs in 2007.  How does SSTTDC serve two masters for the same project without having a conflict of interest? 

Don’t form an opinion from one source of information, especially from experts who cannot stand the test of an open microphone.

Mayor Kay’s Water & Sewer Informational Meeting

 Provokes more Questions than Gives Answers


 Appointed Expert Panel; Mr. J. Bina, DPW Director,

Mr. A. Fontain, DPW Town Engineer, MR. K Morse Water& Sewer Superintendent, Mr. D. Tower, DPW Business Manager

Once again Mayor Kay began the meeting stating, “We are not here to offer opinion or to debate the merits of the project”.  A pledge that was broken during the course of each of the three “educational” meetings.

Why did Weymouth build a water treatment plant capable of treating 8Mgpd of water when its safe yield for water withdrawals mandated by the State is only 5Mgpd? 

Where is Weymouth going to get the 3Mgpd of water so that the new treatment plant can work to its capacity?  I offer the following visual guide regarding the volume of 3Mgpd of water; they will fill 27 Fenway Parks (380’x390’x37’) everyday.  Remember sewerage volume will be the same, a total of 54 Fenway Parks exchange everyday of water out and sewerage into our already strained ECO System.

Where are the “wells?  Previously identified as being located around Mill River…tonight they were located surrounding Great Pond……… in fact they surround Whitman’s Pond…..

Please explain why Sec. of Ma. EnvironmentalAffairs, Ian Bowles recognized in a 2008 response to a Notice of Project Change (NPC) by LNR that Weymouth withdraws 4.3Mgpd of water, not the 4.0Mgpd stated in the NPC.  Why was the 4.0Mgpd presented tonight in spite of the Secretary’s specific statement of the 4.3Mgpd figure stated in his NPC response?

Mayor Kay, you invited a Southfield resident to join your expert panel on stage during the meeting.  What are his credentials that classify him as an expert regarding the Water and Sewer issues facing Weymouth?  It is disturbing that a Southfield resident who does not pay taxes to Weymouth is invited to your panel of experts while taxpayers are held at arms length having to write questions on cards that may or may not be addressed….


Mayor Kay’s Informational Southfield Contracts Meeting Filled with Contradictions

Appointed Expert Panel; Weymouth CFO Mr. Wm. McKenny, Fire Chief Mr. J. Davis, Police Chief, Mr. R. Grimes, Director of Administrative Services, Mr. M Gallagher

Advertised as an informational meeting to dispel misinformation, Mayor Kay stated, “We are not here to offer opinion or to debate the merits of the project” became contradictory and confusing…  Here are a few examples;

Trying to tie the retrocession agreement with the Navy as the reason why it was Weymouth’s responsibility to provide municipal services to South Shore Tri Town Development Corp. (SSTTDC) missed the clarity mark. Intimating that Abington and Rockland signed Municipal agreements first was misinformation.

Mr. Gallagher’s repeated statement that “we never did this before” gives pause to ask why “we” didn’t seek professional, independent expert consultation.”   Mr. Gallagher acknowledged that the signed agreements were his first creations that included all costs associated with financial needs of each department.  Both Chiefs stated their concerns for covering the entire town with the present size of each department’s equipment and personnel, in fact mentioning a need for new revenue to update the aging fleets of each department. Further, Mr. Gallagher’s assertion that the “Enabling Legislation mandated that Weymouth do everything to make the SSTTDC project a success” was a monumental statement of misinformation. A question from the audience required the Mayor to admit the misinformation statement.

Mr. McKinney’s’ statement that Weymouth received a total of $154,00.00 for Police and Fire protection in 2012 is little consolation to Weymouth taxpayers who supported the same departments operational budget in 2012 for a total of $18M.  When asked will Weymouth taxpayers get the same per call cost assessment, the Mayor stated Weymouth taxpayers have a better “deal” despite losing hours of service now dedicated to protecting SSTTDC property.  You decide $945.00 per Weymouth real estate unit cost versus $308.00 per Southfield unit cost.


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