According to Ted Carr, the State has voted down the Amended Town Manager Act

Former Cohasset Selectman Ted Carr told Cohasset Selectmen at the conclusion of their 8/20 meeting he had learned Cohasset’s Amended  Town Manager Act had failed in committee. The Cable Camera was turned off at 10;30 – leaving Cohasset Viewers in the dark over the last 30 minutes of the meeting. The news surprised those at the meeting.

Senator Bob Hedlund’s and Rep Garrett Bradley’s phones will be ringing off the hook all day Wednesday, as the  Cohasset Governance Committee and others attempt to figure out what went wrong.

If Carr’s news is true — and we will be checking it out pronto, as soon as someone t the state house answers their phone, it will save the Cohasset Board of Selectmen from some of the on-going politics regarding their search for a new town manager. Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski won’t be able to apply as he holds an appointed position in the town (acting town manager). Further, he has never met the professional qualifications of the town manager act. Additionally, it appears Selectmen may be looking for 7 and 10 years experience as a town manager.

More pros than cons showed up at the Joint State House Hearing in July, but we have learned there were many letters testifying against passage. One issue that inspired lawmakers to bury the act is that it had never gone to a town-wide ballot. Selectmen could have put it on the ballot in 1997 and 2013. They never did. We mention this because Sara Peake, chair of the committee, asked if there had been a town-wide vote at the hearing. Neither the original bill, submitted by a citizen’s petition, nor the amended act, represented the voice of  the community. Many people testifying against the act mentioned that fact.

We shall see what Wednesday brings.

Article about state house hearing on Amended Town Manager Act

Testimony this writer sent to the Joint Committee:



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