A tale of two cities – Duxbury and Cohasset and Mark Deluca

Ed Perry, station owner of 95.9 WATD FM radio in Marshfield gave a nice tribute to former Cohasset and Duxbury police chief Mark Deluca a few days ago. A lot of people in Cohasset caught it. We called Ed and asked if we could have the mp3 to publish on our blog. Here it is.  DeLuca



Other things perceptive Cohasset citizens noticed.


DeLuca’s dismissal as police chief in Duxbury was very similar to his experience in Cohasset.


A. In Duxbury, DeLuca’s contract was not renewed.


In Cohasset, DeLuca was put on administrative leave for 8 months after-which his contract was not renewed.



B. In Summer 2009 Duxbury’s new town manager decided to not to renew DeLuca’s contract. He wanted his own police chief.  Duxbury Selectmen offered DeLuca $240,000 to leave.



In Cohasset the new illegal town manager decided he wanted his own police chief. For months leading up to DeLuca’s dismissal illegal acting town manager toyed with DeLuca, promising that he was very close to offering him a new three-year contract. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe after he spoke in favor of a darkened police station at annual town meeting.


C. Upon reflection, why did Duxbury have to pay DeLuca anything? After all, $240,000 is a lot of money. Maybe they could just defame DeLuca and keep the money. And that’s what they did. The charges against him were ridiculous.



When DeLuca accused the illegal Cohasset Town Manager of interfering in a police investigation, which is exactly what he did, Cohasset selectman found Milanoski innocent, and Milanoski was not innocent. Milanoski, who could have simply let DeLuca’s contract run out and gotten rid of him, worked with the police department, all of whom he hires, to defame DeLuca, to make sure he would never work again. He accused him of stealing Christmas toys, forging documents, of delivering cancer drugs to a special police officer, of punching Deputy Police Chief Bill Quigley in the belly, although Quigley never filed an assault charge.


D. At a recent Duxbury Town Meeting voters approved a $295,000 payment to DeLuca. The town had promised him a settlement then it reneged. Duxbury town counsel told town meeting it was a valid contract. Note that Duxbury’s insurance company only paid $35,000 of that bill. Duxbury officials broke the law. Insurance companies pay token amounts when town officials break the law.

In Cohasset, the illegal acting town manager promised DeLuca a three- year contract for months. When DeLuca behaved like a police officer, advising town meeting against a darkened police station, Milanoski went wild.

E. Deluca’s suit against Duxbury accused the town of a breach of contract and violation of his First Amendment rights. DeLuca also stated:  “Officials of the Town maliciously interfered with my (Deluca’s) advantageous and contractual business with the Town.”  Yep.  Sounds like his experience in Cohasset.


We would imagine if DeLuca should ever sue Cohasset, it might be for similar reasons. Breach of contract: DeLuca was promised a contract for months and then was not given one because he spoke out at a town meeting against a darkened police station (violation of his first amendment rights). Unlike Duxbury, DeLuca has an additional ace in the hole. When Milanoski put DeLuca on paid, administrative leave, Milanoski didn’t have a legal contract.  It had not yet been signed. When it was signed most of the contract was unenforceable, according to a letter town counsel gave to selectmen at a December 2012 Special Town Meeting. This Point of View newspaper would be surprised if DeLuca did not use Cohasset Town Counsel’s opinion on Milanoski’s contract to challenge the issue of DeLuca’s termination through expiration.


The Cohasset Town Manager’s Act gives a professional, experienced town manager the right to fire a police chief.  He/she can do so without approval by selectmen. If Milanoski didn’t have a legal contract, and he didn’t, then what gives?

Will DeLuca return, like ghosts of boyfriends past?



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  1. Mike Coughlin
    March 21, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    I am glad that Chief Deluca like Operations Director Brennan is pursuing the matter in court. I was at the Town Meeting when Chief Deluca spoke up against a Dark Station, I saw the look on the selectmen’s eyes and saw Ralph Dormitzer run up to him to warn him about the consequences of not supporting the selectmen. I am glad that all involved will finally have to testify under oath in court or at deposition. Good Luck Chief

  2. scottmcoyne
    March 21, 2013 at 11:41 am

    “If We Take Care Of The Kids We Have Done Something Right.”

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