A message to Cohasset Selectmen of the future

Let’s get a few things straight, future Cohasset selectmen.

We, and many others, are present at all your meetings, whether we show up physically or not.

When we listened to your Our Town Interviews we were blown out of the water.

Gaumer and Jenkins commented that because they are volunteers, giving countless thousands of hours to their community, the community should revere them. Not doubt them. Not critique them.

We have to ask in what other world were these two people born?

Tinytown Gazette and Tinytown Unleashed have a role in this community and in this country.

Early on the press was charged with the responsibility of shaping and molding government and informing the public with a whole lot more than what the lunch menu is at the high school.

Our rights under the Constitution carries along with it the right to discuss, question and challenge the actions of our government at all levels. And we do that, when we find it necessary. Which in Cohasset is almost all the time. Sometimes, hourly.

In a nutshell, we’re supposed to moan and groan about government. Yes, it is our job to report what town officials did, but more importantly it is our job to point out what a rotten job they are doing when they are not up to snuff.

We’re supposed to call attention to poorly thought solutions, to illegal contracts, to special interests looking for an illegal break. Is Ted Ford the only person in Cohasset with a legal building lot on Jerusalem Road who the conservation commission won’t sign off on a storm-water permit so he can build a house?  How does this happen?

How does the squirrely conservation commission get away with using the pro bono legal services of Ford’s archenemy, Peter DeCaprio? This interests us. Greatly. This form of government could affect many other citizens. Will decisions made by the conservation commission be determined, in the future, by one’s neighbors and their friendships with the conservation commission? Will those neighbors get to supply the conservation commission with the pro bono services of their private attorney?

This should greatly interest you, little grasshopper.

You’ve got four candidates running for two seats on the Cohasset Board of Selectmen.

Two of those candidates, Karen Quigley and Russ Bonetti, GET IT.

The other two are already complaining about their press.


© Copyright 2013 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed