A Kinder, Gentler American Idol

I like the new American Idol judges. A lot.

When J-Lo broke into tears because she had to say ‘No’ to a contestant, saying “This is too hard. I just can’t do this anymore,” I shed a tear, too.

Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez offer GOOD criticism. They’re also aware of the audience – if the audience goes crazy over a contestant, they take that into consideration. And they’ve set a new bar for the American Idol panel. They’re a PREP panel. They are there purely to make the contestants be as good as they can be. Not to humiliate them. Not to decide which contestant is best. Not to decide who won or who they wish would win.

“Open your eyes, make contact with me, with the audience,” J-Lo cautioned Stefano, who closes his eyes 90% of every song.

These now 11 contestants, all of whom will make the summer tour, are extremely talented. Are they more talented than the 2010 contestants? I think they are because two of the judges are singing professionals and during the mass auditions they appeared to be listening to the contestants more carefully. J-Jo and Tyler were encouraging. They moved their bodies to the beat, smiled at the contestants, tapped their fingers. They got more out of their contestants and subsequently, they ended up with better talent.

“Sing, dance – show us your whole personality, we’re rooting for you to be the best you can be,” they said to every contestant.

Last year someone in the media said that Simon Cowell was the American Idol. And that is precisely what was wrong with the old American Idol. Contestants had to compete against Simon for attention, and sometimes he got vindictive. There for a long while Simon didn’t like Adam Lampert (2009) and yet Lampert was at the top of the studio audience’s chart every week.

Simon also fought Siobhan Magnus (2010) from the Cape. She was darling, she was an audience favorite, and every week Simon treated her like a jilted lover. This year’s judges would have embraced her. I think she was the 2010 American Idol. During the summer tour she was the favorite.

Judge Ellen DeGeneres was a sweetheart, but she had no business being a judge. A talented comedian, she stayed up nights thinking of interesting, funny things to say to the contestants. And Simon was too sexy for his clothes.

The guy who won 2010, Lee DeWyze, has made 1 car commercial since winning.

This is a kinder, gentler year…and I have never enjoyed the contest more thanks to J-Lo and Tyler.

© Copyright 2011 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed