A Christmas Letter

December 18, 2015

Dear Aunt Marge and Aunt Jean,

Picture to right is of old Ray and I celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary at Key West, FL. It was a gift from our sons, Pete and Tad. A nice respite, but good to get home and back to the REAL weather. Last year we had 110 inches of snow in February. Hmmm.tannaandray2015

Have been looking at the Burns Reunion pictures that Uncle Jim foisted off on me many years ago. Like Jim, I have done NOTHING with them except worry that I was doing not nothing about them. Apparently, this is a Burns failing.

The first reunion was held in 1888 and I have a fading photo, but they were obviously here much earlier than that. A letter from a Burns cousin that showed up in the Log Store books says he thinks one of the Burnses showed up in Selinsgrove via  a land grant from King George III. No response to that. It was just tucked in the log book and forgotten. But then there was no way to makes copies in those days. BUT WE ARE ALL HERE IN 2015 and everything is a mystery.

Aunt Jean gave me her research – she has the Burnses sailing from Edinburg from Germany on I forget what date. And they showed up in Selinsgrove under various spellings of Burns –
Bourne, Burn, etc. Jean suspects they are the same guy using different names to get more land. Sounds like something a Burns might do.

Now that I am a ripe 71 and my years are uncertain, I have decided to put together some kind of a Burns book, in order that future generations are not left with this giant puzzle and many, many absences. It will not be perfect, but at least it will be a stab. Aunt Jean will be my proof-reader and fact checker, I hope. If I get aroundtoit before we both die.

Taking about aroundtoit, Mom (Carolyn) always told Jayme and I that she had written her obituary and that it was in a special envelope that she kept on her desk and she did this because she sure didn’t want me writing whatever I wanted about her. When we finally found the folder and opened it, there were just a few scribbled lines. Not even a paragraph. And this proves to me that nobody ever gets AROUNDTOIT. They always think they will do it next week and then something much more fun to do shows up. And as I look at the Burns reunion photos I realize that throughout the centuries NOBODY ever bothered to get the names of everyone in the landscape photos, not even the photographer, which were at the time probably very expensive to take and reproduce for everyone. Yeah, in 1888 everybody knew everybody in the photo. But this is 2015 and the people who are identified are done with one of those paper overlays. Over 127 years there is slippage. What is wrong with you people?

In other news – our grandchildren are now teenagers. Georga, almost 16, is a student driver. Sam is almost 13 – these are Pete’s kids. They are both brilliant.

Our son Tad is with Lena, a lovely Russian girl with two kids – one going off to college, the other one is 10. They are both Lena’s children from a previous marriage. They all seem to be happy, and both children appear to be brilliant. That’s good.

Lena is the driver – she makes things happen. Last weekend she went out and impulisevely adopted a dog who is now called Cleopatria. I have done things like this.

Of our two daughter-in-laws, Lena is probably most like me. Impulsive as all get out.

Pete’s wife, Anne, is very conservative, very deliberate. She weighs things. She reminds me, peronality-wise, of my mother. Very much a lady. A minimalist. She loves Pete and her family – they are first and they are forever. She is a good person.

Anne and Lena – both women of resolve and interest. I will never know them well, but they are both wonderful woman because they love my sons.

So there. I have told you about all of us and I hope you are well. Ray and I are going to be passing by sometime on the 29th. We hope to see you and Aunt Mina and Aunt Jean. We will have Lucky with us. If the Phillips Motel has room we may stay over a day and check in with other relatives. Depends upon how exhausted we are.

Best Christmas wishes to you.

I think about you every time I pass by the Burns Reunion photos which is everyday.

I wonder, will I be the guy who pulls this together and makes sense out of any of this?

Sister Jayme wants Jim or Jack Burns (Jean’s kids) to have DNA tests to discover in what wave they left Africa. Wonder if they will get AROUNDTOIT. We all think we have all this time and then – POW!

See you soon. Love you so much.


© Copyright 2015 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed