Selectmen’s Friday Night Special

 Lots of puzzled e-mails asking what the Cohasset Selectmen’s strange, illegal Friday Night Special Meeting was all about.

It’s all about Michael. What else can we do for Michael?

Here’s a summary.

Selectmen appointed Mike Milanoski Town Manager. It’s an illegal contract.  The cover sheet of the contract says it’s an Acting Town Manager contract but it’s really not. The entire contract states this is a Town Manager’s contract THIRTEEN TIMES.

In September the Selectmen decided to extend Milanoski’s illegal contact to June 2015, in order that the annual town election in 2013  doesn’t change the constitution of the board and interfere with Milanoski’s  career. Further, Milanosk’s illegal contract says he can only be fired by a super majority of the board of selectmen – 4 of 5 members. The Town Manager’s Act says a majority can ask the town manger to leave for no cause.

This is the second illegality Selectmen have embarked upon. What is Milanoski?  Is he an illegal Town Manager or an illegal Acting Town Manager? Acting Town Managers cannot be given multi-year contracts. Contracts of that duration only apply to Town Managers, which Milanoski cannot be.

According to the Town Manager Act, the Town’s constitution, any Town Manager has to be separated from the Town for the period of one year before being appointed town Manager.  Milanoski was on two appointed boards, one being the governance committee of which he was chair until early summer. He was also chair of the Town Manager Search Committee.

Selectmen want the Governance Committee to prepare an article for the  Dec. 10th  Special town meeting with only one thing in mind – making Milanoski legal. They should not be going to a special meeting with this question. 

In 1996 The Citizens of Cohasset petitioned an Annual Town Meeting, not a Special, to ask the Mass State Legislature to approve our being governed under the Town Manager’s Act.  We specified that the Town Manger be professional and experienced in contract negotiations and all other municipal areas. We specified that the Town Manager should not be a crony, he or she should not arise from an appointed or elected town committee.

Governance has some very good people on board, but they are not ready to recommend anything to Town Meeting

A member of governance was recently quoted as saying we have had three town managers and three train wrecks. I disagree.

It was the board of selectmen who were train wrecks and who continue to be train wrecks.

It’s not that difficult to be a selectman.

It’s easy if you have a good town counsel and you follow his advice, respect your permitting boards because they have usually invested themselves in the laws of the land, and know the legal ropes.

None of this is about you, BOS. It’s about the citizens of Cohasset, and you have truly dissed us.

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  1. Mike Coughlin
    October 22, 2012 at 8:10 am


    Thanks for bringing the antics of the BOS to light. It is ironic that the same people who let me go for what they said were communication issues are now trying to sell a Friday night meeting, a notice that runs afoul of the Open Meeting Law and a press release as good communication with the people.

    The Board and Lee “I don’t care about the law’ Jenkins fail to accept is that a press release, by law change or article at a town meeting can not make their proposed contract with Mr. Milanoski legal. The Strong Town Manager Act can only be amended by a piece of legislation passed by both the House and Senate and signed by the Governor.

    Even if an article passes Town Meeting floor in December, at best we are not going see any action at the State House before the spring– which by coincidence is when Carlson and Jenkins/Carr are up for election.

    The citizens of Cohasset should also know– if an article does pass at Town Meeting, there must be a hearing at the state house where citizens of both Cohasset and the Commonwealth can testify whether changing the act makes sense. Potential witnesses would include, representatives from the DOR and former Town Managers–and I do plan to testify if the opportunity arises. Changing the act is a bad idea– only changes recommended by the DOR, DHCD and properly constituted government study committee should be considered.

    Mr. Milanoski’s “Renamed Town Manager Search Committee” or the “We were supposed to look in the ConCom but didn’t committee” falls short of a properly constituted study committee despite the hard work of some of its newest members.

    Citizens can also lobby against passage of a change at the state house even if an article passes town meeting.

    I am a big boy so someone calling me a train wreck doesn’t bother me– I have been called worse in both private and public before. But the greater “train wreck” is the continued effort by a few of the elite in Cohasset to take away the power which the people gave to their government when the initial act passed town meeting and the state house.

    Tanna– thank you for your continued effort to derail the “Dormitzer Express” with Jack Keniley and Sam Wakeman in the club car.

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