3/10 Cat Dam Hearing Rescheduled to Thursday, April 14

On Monday, March 7  Cohasset Selectmen posted a meeting for Wednesday, March 9 for the sole purpose of voting to ask the Conservation Commission to reschedule its Cat Dam hearing slated for Wednesday, March 10.  Reportedly, the self-styled Environmental 20 said they needed extra time to deal with the regulatory boards’ exhaustive responses to the Notice of Intent (NOI). Selectmen may well discuss pulling the NOI at their Wednesday session; it’s  a real bummer when all regulatory agencies who responded said the selectmen’s NOI was  un-permitable.

Conservation Commission Chairman David Farrag called the Gazette March 9 and said the E-20 group need not write a new NOI; his commissioners will consider the package and make recommendations based upon present information. He added that E-20 has provided new information in response to the regulatory boards’ material.

We’ve had several  calls asking how the Gazette was able to obtain the regulatory boards’ responses. They are public record as soon as they arrive at the conservation commission; and we were waiting for their arrival as we planned to publish them in our March 9 newspaper. Concurrently, all selectmen’s mail is a public document upon arrival at the selectmen’s office, unless it’s an issue for executive session.

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