Selecmen take Cat Dam investigation under advisement


More than 40 citizens attended the selectmen’s meeting (9/20/11).Selectmen took under advisement the citizens’ request to ask the TROIKA to form a Cat Dam investigation committee.. It will discussed at an upcoming meeting.

It’s really sad that maybe all of this Cat Dam stuff could have been a misunderstanding of THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN. Three of them, anyway.

I went to all the same Conservation meetings Selectmen Paul Carlson, Fred Koed and Lee Jenkins went to, and many more, and the only obnoxious people were the E20, – now the E18 if George Chamillard of the Advisory Committee and E18 is correct.

The reason, Mr. Selectman Paul Carlson, that the Conservation Commission could not have chatty, personable conversations telling the now E18 how they felt about things at Cat Dam is because THEY COULDN’T. They were going to have to vote on the matter at some point in time. This all started in 2007, readers. The Cohasset Board of Selectmen has been delaying any resolution of this matter for that long. And it was them and only them. Over the years they all had different names, Ralph, Gary…and so on and so forth. But it was Ralph Dormitzer who was the real force behind the sidewalks in the Town’s Revitalization Grant program not being accomplished – because after 7 years of study, and photos of sidewalks, there was enough money left to make the cheapest sidewalks, but only if they worked into the night to make the grant deadline.   I still blame the board of selectmen of the time for having permitted one person, Ralph Dormitzer, to hold up any decision. And it is Dormitzer ( a former selectman) who continues to control a majority of the board of selectmen with regard to Cat Dam at Little Inner Harbor.

At the conclusion of the Selectmen’s meeting Tuesday, Sept. 20, this reporter asked Town Counsel Paul DeRensis if in fact he had been invited into this Cat Dam issue only recently. He nodded in the affirmative. Like maybe he was getting involved that very evening for the first time. I was thrown out of the meeting at that point, as the board went into an executive session to discuss, what else – more Cat Dam!

Certainly, John R. Hucksam, of Town Counsel’s firm, has been the Cohasset Conservation Commission’s attorney for years, attending all of the ConCom’s hearings on Cat Dam. It is only recently that Hucksam has had to represent the other side of the issue…when the Cohasset Conservation Commission voted in favor of the now E18s NOI – which was ultimately adopted by the Cohasset Board of Selectmen. Don’t ever wonder why lawyers commit suicide.

In July 2011 the Cohasset Board of Selectmen fired almost of half of the Conservation Commission,  two of the three to go were its younger members. One member was a coveted “Environmental Engineer.” She was replaced by a gun salesman.

Initially, the  E18 was ecstatic…until it realized what the vote truly meant. And what it meant was that anyone could appeal the vote to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for $100. Former selectman Karen Quigiley, citizen Stephen Brown and supporters appealed the decision and their appeal was spectacular. Link to it here:

It doesn’t mean the Selectmen don’t have alternatives. They certainly do.  With smart Counsel, and Paul DeRensis is smart, but not necessary in agreement with this rouge board, they could keep appeals and new NOI’s and whatever else going until long after we are all dead. Unless, readers, you change the board. In 2011 Ted Carr is rumored to be giving up his seat. It’s an important seat. Not a majority seat, but important – a Gateway Seat. It won’t change any votes but it will be a soldier tree for the 2013 elections. Two seats are up in 2013. Selectman Jenkins says he won’t run. Selectman Paul Carlson has not yet declared.

More information on this meeting 9/21/11 after 5 PM.


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