Obama’s Zero Job Growth

by Rod Young

It may be only a statistical quirk hitting precisely net-zero job growth in a given month – the first such omen since 1945. However, the Obama administration chronicled the feat in August 2011.

A net jobs loss would have been, of course, worse. However, ZERØBAMA may have earned his new moniker (copyright by Laura Ingraham and other conservative pundits) nonetheless. (Zero Job Growth)

Øbama appears strangely straight-jacketed by purely scientific, academic solutions to politics, which most pundits take rather as a matter of perception and leadership. Two centuries ago German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck coined the definitive maxim that politics is but “the art of the possible.”

Bismarck also observed that “the less people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they’ll sleep at night.” (Zero Job Growth)

Idealist Øbama pushes arguably impossible programs like ØbamaCare and Stimulus, while insisting that ‘sausage making’ be done in the open by so disjointed an assembly as the Congress of the United States.

No wonder that the electorate is visibly revolted.

The last academic of note to grace the oval office was Woodrow Wilson, known as the (tiresome) “Schoolmaster of Politics.” Applying sophisticated ‘Wilsonomics’ (honed while on the faculties of Bryn Mawr, Wesleyan, and, as ‘professor of jurisprudence and political economy,’ Princeton University), the popular, two-term president inaugurated the Federal Reserve System.

Thereby the nation’s supply of currency became “elastic,” bringing on, as many argue, the Great Depression.

“I have unwittingly ruined my country,” an ailing Wilson is widely reported to have acknowledged in his last year in office. The quote is denied by some passionate historians as “manufactured,” but the sentiment of a failed President has credibility.

Øbama might advisedly make the same or similar admission in his speech to the joint session of Congress this Thursday, and proclaim himself a virtual Republican.


In true Wilsonian academic mode, however, he will lecture some 600+ sausage makers to buy into his improbable and unproven political science of economics. He will likely disclaim political ambition (to audible jeers), while attempting to ingratiate himself with socio-economic interest groups promised fatuous government employment and continued handouts.

Øbama seeks to share the wealth even while destroying it. How political is that?

Right after reports of Zero’job growth and the worst payroll numbers in a decade, Øbama’s speech, billed as moderate and bi-partisan – and as such will prove as tedious a list of particulars as ever snoozed a legislature – no doubt will be roundly and angrily dismissed by nearly all Republican partisans and many Independents.

It may frame the presidential debate for the months to come

In the wake of so ill-fated a speech, Sarah Palin may finally announce her bid to become the first fire-brand, populist presidential candidate since ultra-liberal Representative William Jennings Bryan (D-Nebraska) in the early 1900s.

Bryan lost three consecutive bids as the progressive Democrat candidate for the presidency (1896, 1900, and 1908). He was Palin’s opposite, except as the poster child of his party’s base.

Only the “Know Nothings,” initially a non-partisan movement in the 1860’s, and the Tea Party were able to install “radicals” like Palin and Bryan in office, as the Tea Partiers accomplished in the off-year 2010 election.

Øbama may unwittingly – i.e., professorially – be setting the national stage for the Alaskan phenom, as not even Sarah herself could. Her devastatingly bad poll numbers might turn on a dime.

Following Øbama’s rhetorical gamble Thursday, the Tea Party will be emboldened again to coordinate grassroots congressional campaigns, and this time around a bid for the oval office. The silver-tongued Palin, more dynamic by far than her less glib Texan and Bay State opponents, could steal the show.

Some prince-like running mate (Hispanic Marco Rubio?) then could presage a return to Camelot.

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